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Your personalized treatment is created from a unique oil blend, specially matched to your “ dosha”, the Ayurvedic constitution.
Holistic Clarity and Balance
Your personalized treatment is created from a unique oil blend, specially matched to your “ dosha”, the Ayurvedic constitution. These hand-made Ayurvedic recipes are carefully prepared in the traditional way from the finest botanical ingredients to effortlessly deliver their healing nourishment to you

Wild Lotus New treatment menu                                                                                      
This full body treatment uses warm
doshic oil to drain toxins and improve circulation,
providing deep cleansing and rejuvenation experience.  

 $170 (90min : includes champi head detox care) 

Urichill-Rakken method is done on a floor mat,
using the therapist’s feet to cleanse the client’s
srotas/body channels without oil.

 $130(60min) $160 (90min)

Marma detox  facial

This facial is customized by dosha. Detoxifies,
cleanses, tones, and provides a natural face-lift through
Ayurvedic facial touch, aromatherapy and skin care products.
Neck, arms and shoulder decorate Marma points/vital
point on the body will be cleansed.

 $165 (90min: includes arms detox care)

Lymph drainage Facial 

Lymphatic drainage facial is a type of extremely gentle
massage which is intended to encourage the natural
drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away
 from the tissues back toward the heart.

*General relaxation, System detoxification, To reduce edema

 $145 (60min)
$165 (90min)


Ayurveda’s unique therapy for eliminating stress:warm doshic oil poured gently over the third-eye chakra, filling you with extraordinary bliss. *includes mini-facial or mini-back Abhyanga

Full body Abhyanga + Shirodhara

Full Marma Detox Facial + Shirodhara

$180 (75min)

$220 (120min)

$215 (120min) 

Four hands Abhynaga

*4 hands

Full body Abhyanga with two therapists four hands.                               Creating deep waves of peaceful sensation. Using doshic warmed oil.

60min ($210)
90min ($270 : includes champi head detox care) 

Lakshmi Course

Abhyanga+Marma detox facial

 120min $220

Dhanvantari Course

Abhyanga+Marma detox facial +Shirodhara


150min $260

Surya Course

Abhyanga+Marma detox facia l+Shirodhara + far infra-red Sauna

180min $320

 Garuda Course 

 *4 hands

Four hands Abhyanga + Marma detox facial

 120min $320

Padma Course

*4 hands

Four hands Abhyanga +Shirodhara

120min $320

Gandharva Course

*4 hands

Four hands Abhyanga + Marma detox facial + Shirodhara

 150min $360

Sarasvati Course

*4 hands

Four hands Abhyanga+Marma detox facial +Shirodhara + Far infra red sauna

 180min $390

Parvati Course

Urichil-Rakken+Marma detox facial

 120min $210

Annapuruna Course

Urichil-Rakken+Marma detox facial+Shirodhara

 150min $250

Apsaras Course

Urichil-Rakken+Marma detox facial+Shirodhara+Far-infrared Sauna

180min $310

First time trials


Marma detox Facial

Lymph drainage Facial

Four hands Abhyanga

45min $100  

45min $100

45min $100

60min $160 

series of treatments

 5 sessions→ 5% off   Expires in 1 year (from first session)

10 sessions→10% off Expires in 1 1/2 years (from first session)

20 sessions→12%off Expires in 2 years (from first session)

With Misa's deep knowledge and her love, session experience is always awesome
A. G. 
I love Wild lotus Ayurveda because they care about who I am and cater the treatments to my personal needs.
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